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Full Version: Sales process - purchase flow
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Can someone explain to me steps needed to complete a single transaction in weberp?
I have created some walkthrough-type tutorials that may help.

Upcoming tutorials I am working on include manufacturing, purchasing using a BOM, and project management.

There is no project management functionality - I have spec'd a construction contract/project consisting of multiple webERP contracts at
@phil, was your comment about the lack of project management functionality directed at the "project management" bullet in my reply to the OP? My intention is to use existing functionality only as a baseline for what can be achieved without adding any new features.

You may recall our discussing this last fall on the forum, and on the web-erp-users mail list. I'll "re-open" our old forum thread so we can discuss this further without hijacking this thread (I need to post an updated URL for my draft tutorial anyway).
Yes I have thought about doing this - just when life gets back to a jog and I have built up sufficient hunger to see the job through!!
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