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Full Version: How to import new system opening balances ?
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I created an GL transaction file containing the data (below) from the example
opening balance entry in the manual (Creating a New System)

Debtors Control 5,000.00
Creditors Control (2,000.00)
Motor Vehicles 10,000.00
Loan (3,000.00)
Accum Profits (11,000.00)
Total bank deposit $1,000

and created the csv file below (test-ob.csv)

01/09/16,1110,9,5000,Debtors Control,0
01/09/16,2010,10,-2000,Creditors Control,0
01/09/16,1520,11,10000,Motor Vehicles,0
01/09/16,3200,13,-11000,Accum Profits,0
01/09/16,1010,14,1000,Total bank deposit,0

Then did Z_ImportGLTransactions.php and imported the transactions as GL receipts

and got

SUCCESS Report : Batch Import of test-ob.csv has been completed. All transactions committed to the database

all the data looks ok, the right accounts were debited and credited correctly

my question is...
can new real client live system opening balances be entered this way ?
i.e using Z_ImportGLTransactions.php rather then the procedure described
in the manual (Creating a New System)

Thanks in advance

You can but.....

You must also enter the trasactions in the creditors and debtors ledger ensuring the balances agree. Also you jeed to ensure your inventory agrees with the transactions you bought on.

As an accountant my advice is to only enter transactions for the current financial year if you are starting midway, otherwise enter a journal fir the starting TB as per the manual.

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