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Full Version: Importing Outstanding Customer/Supplier Invoices
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Am setting up a new system and would like to import outstanding customer and supplier invoices from an old system.
I searched the forums for help and found Phil's advice as follows

1. http://weberp-accounting.1478800.n4.nabb...l#a3947378

You can import outstanding transactions into supptrans and debtortrans
See the FAQ for setting the next invoice/transaction number.

2. http://weberp-accounting.1478800.n4.nabb...84299.html

You can just import all the outstanding invoices into debtortrans and
supptrans - the FX balance outstanding on the invoice is derived by the
ovamount + ovgst +ovfreight - ovdiscount less the amount in the alloc
field. The exchange rate is also recorded against the transaction too.
You must be sure to have referential integrity intact - with customers
(debtorsmaster and custbranch) and invoices are transtype 10 credit
notes 11. You also need to enter a valid period number.

What I have a problem with is the field ID in both debtortrans and supptrans tables
can I just insert sequential numbers (1,2,3,4 etc) in the ID field on the csv file with
the outstanding transactions to be imported ?

Thanks in advance



This is now solved,
I just found that if I omit the ID field in the input csv file, mysql inserts sequential numbers automatically

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