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Full Version: Using the "JOB" field in the GL
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I would really love if I could have another "Tag" like field in the GL to use. I see there is a "JOB" field but I do not see anywhere in the GL UI to set it up.

How hard would it be to add 4 more TAG like fields to the GL plus include them in the "Import General Ledger Transactions" ? How much would this cost?


Hi Greg, I've had in mind for a while to add multiple tags. This shouldn't be too hard to achieve by adding a new table that had two field, the counterindex from the gltrans table and a tag. That way you could have multiple tags for each counterindex entry. There are a few scripts that would need editing to achieve it, but not too hard.

I had some spare time so I implemented this as per the specification I laid down above. You can now include from zero tags to unlimited for each transaction. It *seems* to work fine, and I am happy to share the code with anybody that is interested so that they can help test it. Contact me direct on and I can send you the code.

The only reservations are that you can still only upload one tag on the import routine, and the petty cash system has only one tag available as well. Other than that everything now has multiple tags available.

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