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Full Version: Adding Custom Fields
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How can I add custom fields to the 'Add Items' form?
You can add a property to the category of the item on the Inventory Categories Maintenance of set up module.
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I'm trying to add a custom field new controltype: textarea (I need long text for ingredient lists for our food products).
I managed to tweak the php files and database to add a menus when creating my new category labels, but running into issues as the VAR filed type in mysql needs to be changed to a text in the structure, and therefore will become non-indexable. What are the repercussions of losing the indexing on the category labels values? are they used for searches? could not find anything indicating such requirement.

Also, other question: what is the purpose of "require in SO" checkbox. I'm assuming SO stands for Sales Orders, but did not see how checking the box could impact in my processes

Thank you for your input!
Could be very useful for something such as Material Specification at time of order.

We did something very similar during latest ECi M1 ERP implementation.

Long Description: "SA-240 Plate, 1/4" thk x 60" wide x 240" long"
Material Specification: "304", "304L", "316", "316L", "S31803", ETC...

Allows for reuse of semi-generic Part Masters.

more here:
Yes that was the idea of "require in SO" but I never had support to extend in this direction so it doesn't work .... yet!!
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