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Full Version: SOLVED - Serial Numbers file upload problem with WebERP 4.12.3
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Am having a serial numbers file upload problem with WebERP 4.12.3 that I have just upgraded from WebERP 4.11.3

The serial numbers CSV file upload procedure while receiving a purchase order works fine in WebERP 4.11.3 but fails in version 4.11.3 with the error message

<b>ERROR Message Report : Error moving temporary file. Please check your configuration</b>

I searched the forum and found http://weberp-accounting.1478800.n4.nabb...55753.html

Which is the exact same issue am having and Phil responds as below:

Hi Jorrie,
I have figured out the error in this script and have updated in SVN -
you can download the latest with fix in it by browsing the svn getting
the file includes/InputSerialItemsFile.php

The file includes/InputSerialItemsFile.php in version 4.12.3 is identical to the one in in 4.11.3 according to an online diff I used.

InputSerialItemsFile.php LINE 108 below is the condition that fails

if (!move_uploaded_file($_FILES['ImportFile']['tmp_name'],$_SESSION['CurImportFile']['tmp_name']))

any Help greatly appreciated

Thanks in Advance

(01-15-2016 11:17 PM)Exson Wrote: [ -> ]Hi

Hi, R2-G,

Is you variable $rootpath in your config.php file changed to $RootPath?

Thanks and best regards!


(01-15-2016 11:17 PM)Exson Wrote: [ -> ]Hi, Exson,

Thanks, you are right

its now uploading serial numbers from CSV OK

It seems the $rootpath was the problem, specifically the setting of the reports_dir parameter in the CONFIG table
I moved from my old ISP to godaddy and the reports_dir parameter in the CONFIG table still contained the database prefix
from my old ISP. Thats why move_uploaded_file() function failed and returned the error message.

Thanks Again

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