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Full Version: [SOLVED] Login problem
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weberp 4.12.3 installed on a local machine, with one db for one company

1 user is set up ('admin')

after unsuccessful attempts to login got message:
"ERROR Message Report : Security settings have not been defined for your user account. Please advise your system administrator. It could also be that there is a session problem with your PHP web server"

What I did:
in phpmyadmin, unblocked user and set password.
Currently getting "incorrect password" message, unable to login.

What do I do to login to Weberp?
What else I tried:
1) Setting password in phpmyadmin - through direct editing of a field, and through console:
a) UPDATE www_users SET password=sha1('weberp') WHERE userid='admin'
b) UPDATE www_users SET password=sha1('d7226791a747c4de291a7d2a9ab6a8140aeb6170') WHERE userid='admin' (supposed to be a hashtagged version of 'weberp')
c) UPDATE www_users SET password=sha1('') WHERE userid='admin'
2) Created user admin1 with all the same values - and tryed a) b) c) to set new user's password

Nothing works: every time getting "incorrect password" message

Is there any other settings I am missing? How do I login to weberp?
Is there any error messages during the installation?
there was no error messages during installations. I used the system for about six months, when forgot the password, exceeded number of login attempts, and cannot login back now.
For each user:
fullaccess = 8
Tim has provided a solution here:

Hope it's helpful.

Best regards!

(11-15-2015 10:44 AM)Exsonqu_Qu Wrote: [ -> ]

Thanks, I am afraid I am not getting it right...

1) Created a file password.php, and saved it in weberp folder
2) Is 'weberp' my database name?
3) http://localhost/weberp/password.php
4) Result:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function password_hash() in /Library/WebServer/Documents/weberp/password.php on line 4

What am I doing wrong?
OK, found the solution:
1) Update PHP to 5.5 or newer
Link for Mac OS X:
2) Create php script - from Tim's post
3) The php file is to be saved in weberp folder
4) Run the file from browser - in my case: http://localhost/weberp/password.php
5) If script worked, you see a blanc page!
Special thanks to Exson for pointing the right solution!
The password_hash() is only available from PHP 5.5.0.

The simple way is just change the password to '$2y$10$Q8HLC/2rQaB5NcCcK6V6ZOQG3chIsx16mKtZRoSaUsU9okMBDbUwG' in www_users table which userid is 'admin' by phpmyadmin or other tools.

Best regards!

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