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Full Version: Can't log in trying to upgrade from 4.07.5 to 4.12.3
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I cannot log in when upgrading 4.07.5 to 4.12.3. As instructed, I backed up the db and scripts, installed new scripts, correctly altered config.php, and created the company directory. I've upgraded successfully up to 4.07.5. I guess there's a problem in the updating script. I'm having the same problem trying to upgrade a different installation from 3.11 to 4.12.3.
Can you say what actually happens when you try to login?


Thanks for responding. The login response indicates I have an incorrect name or password, which is a false response. I even updated my password in the database using sha1.

I feel confident I went through the upgrade process correctly as I've done it successfully in the past. I even tried running all of the sql upgrades directly,in mysql. BTW, the sql upgrades failed for various reasons including foreign key constraints blocking dropping fields as well as other issues.

(11-09-2015 07:32 PM)falkoner Wrote: [ -> ]Can you say what actually happens when you try to login?

I posted a solution to this issue in the following thread:

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