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Full Version: System Parameters default theme possible bug
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I went into system parameters to change some settings, when I updated and tried to go to a new screen on the main menu, I got to a very different looking theme from my previous settings, even though I did not change the theme I was using. after trying to click on a link there, I got a 404 message. starting to worry.
I went logged into ftp and opened the config.php file. I found the admin email and rootpath had been changed to the same theme name. When I removed the theme name and left the quotations, save the config file, system went back to normal.
I tried again using another theme, same behavior. Everyone logged in gets 404 until the config file is update.
I'm not sure why the default theme was put in to the config.php file instead of storing it with all the other system parameters in the config table. Once a system is set up I normally make the scripts read only for security purposes so this wouldn't then work anyway.

sorry, just reporting what is happening. I have tested it a couple of times with same result. The first time it happened I did not change the theme setting. It just took the default listing and wrote it to the file. tks for your help.
Same thing here I have two installs one production and one lab both versions are 4.12.3 the lab version dose not have the option in System settings for Default Theme and has no problem when saving the system settings not sure where to make this available any help would be appreciated.
The production server has the Default Theme option and without changing any settings and click the save I get the same issue where it writes to the configuration file just as Archer62 is showing in his configuration file.
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