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Another average cost completely wrong!

with only two movements at 17.65 !!!

webERP is calculating the costs properly (I think) but the information that the calculation is based on is flawed for some reason. We have two receipts 30 @ 17.64 and 30 @ 17.635 then a reversal of 30 @ 0 and a transfer of 28 @ 0

It is this reversal and transfer that has obviously incorrect costs against them that is throwing the calculations so far out. Was the supplier invoice entered before the transfer was done?

This is only one example of the wrong cost calculation, please look at my previous posts for others examples, where I also found negative costs.

No, the invoice is not entered before the transfers or issues for WOs, becauce we CAN'T.
We receive the invoices after 30-60 days the delivery of the goods.

Please, could you tell us where/when the costs are calculated, we will try to correct this with our SW Dept.
(09-29-2015 08:35 PM)giusba71 Wrote: [ -> ]No, the invoice is not entered before the transfers or issues for WOs, becauce we CAN'T.
We receive the invoices after 30-60 days the delivery of the goods.

This will be the cause of your problems then because the cost is being updated when the supplier invoice is entered, but you have already done some transactions at zero cost which will give you the distorted weighted average cost.

OK, where is calculated the weighted average cost?
We would change the code to set the transactions at "order cost" instead of at "invoiced cost".
The calculation of a new weighted average cost occurs wherever a change occurs. The one for the goods being received is in SupplierInvoice.php, however....

Moving that code to the goods received section and calculating on ordered cost at that point is fraught with many issues, such as how you deal with the situation of the invoice coming in at a different price than the order.

As an accountant I would strongly advise that you run any changes you make past your accountants/auditors before using them.

If I haven't got the invoice at the goods incoming, what else can I do?
One is value the movements at average cost, so the cost doesn't change.
Another is value the movements at order cost, so the cost moves near the real.
But sure, is not a good idea to value the movements at cost zero!

I personally insert the supplier invoices and maybe the 1% of the times the invoiced price differs from the order price.
In this cases we can re-value the movement at invoice cost, or not?

Then I've seen that the invoice total can be higher of the purchased items total, but not lower. For this reason, in invoice entering, isn't possible insert discounts. If I buy 100 items for 1000 EUR and at invoice stage the supplier apply a discount of 33% because he was happy, I have no way to apply the discount at the total of invoice (unless hand calculate and insert the discounted price for every one of the 100 items).
I think you should set the initial standard cost correctly.
Best regards!
I've set the standard cost for all items during the first installation in january 2015.

Now I've just found another negative cost.
I'm sure that it wasn't present in september, because I've checked all the
inventory for negative costs.

Looking at the movements there are no operations after july

Why the cost of this item is now negative?
There are procedure of cost maintainance running at scheduled intervals?
There are two methods I use to track down why, when and how something happened in WebERP when dealing with costs.
1) Use the Audit Trail (On Setup Menu). Search all tables and users for the part# in question
2) Run this query against the database
PHP Code:
SELECT FROM `gltransWHERE narrative LIKE '%<YourPartNumber>%' 
You will probably find the transaction type that caused the problem with a narrative of "<YourPartNumber> cost was 0 changed to x Quantity on hand of 999" or "<SupplierNumber> - Average Cost Adj - <YourPartNumber> x 999 x" or something similar
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