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Full Version: Wrong costs
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During a BOM evaluation, I've found some wrong costs.
Below one of these.

Looking at the movements of the part I'm not able to understand how can be calculated the wrong cost.
Infact the wrong cost is 16.8748 EUR, and there are just two delivery from suppliers at price 2.81 and 1.80 EUR (see image).

Correcting the wrong cost I've seen that a previous calculation of average cost is correct (se image).

Somebody said that this problem could happen when the insertion of suppliers invoices are delayed, but in our payment process this is normal.

Is a serious problem for us, because generates wrong evaluations of stock and of BOMs.

Where/how can I add a correction in the php code for obtain correct costs?
Please help me.
Somebody can tell us where and when is calculated the average costs?
We will try to correct the wrong cost calculation.

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