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Full Version: change inventory item code, CN description not deleted
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recently did some shuffling of part numbers from one stock code to a new one. I found that when I used the change inventory item code utility, the English part number is changed and set up no problem in all records, but the CN description row for the old stock number remains in the stockdescriptiontrans table. If you try to create a new item using the old number, system returns an error. Once I manually edited the table and removed all old descriptions, seems solved this. Anyone had similar with other tables I should check for this same? tks
Thanks for the heads up - this functionality came after the part code change utility and has never been modified to change the part codes in stockdescriptionstrans table
This is strange as the change to do this was done in the Z_ChangeStockCode.php utility over a year ago (16/5/2014). Can you check that line 158 of the script is this:

ChangeFieldInTable("stockdescriptiontranslations", "stockid", $_POST['OldStockID'], $_POST['NewStockID'], $db);

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