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Full Version: possible to revise cost after PO is invoiced?
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Hi; Is there a method or available script to revise the cost of an item after a PO has been received and invoiced other than credit note procedure?
our system default currency is NTD, but we use USD and CNY. several items were setup and supplier price and cost were setup in CNY. PO's were placed, received and invoiced. then realized the costs were setup in CNY and not NTD. What would be the best method to correct this mistake? Is there a script available that would make the necessary table corrections to show accurate inventory values without touching the inventory quantiies, payments, invoices, etc.? thank you very much for any suggestions.
Yes you can update costs at will using the StockCostUpdate.php script
Hi Phil, tks very much for the reply. sorry, I am new to working with the integrated accounting and stock in weberp. I understand to update costs for items with this script through the inventory items UI and it updates items costs in inventory. This also produces entries in inventory adjustments that reflects against cost of goods. I was looking for something that revised the initial costs so the inventory adjustments would not show up. tks again
Well in an integrated system changing the cost of the inventory changes the value of stock in the accounts (general ledger) as well. If you turn off the stock interface to GL then the entries are not made and the stock value will no longer agree to the general ledger!
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