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Full Version: is there a limit on importing debtors
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We have an excel sheet with approx. 12,000 rows and saved it as .csv using the import customer from the utilities menu.
I fails when we try to import. We split the file into 3 files.
The 1st two only have 4,875 rows and the third has the balance.

This seems to have been successful. But why is there a limit? Or what is causing the limit?

We were able to import about 8,000 Items with the other import for the Stock Items in one pass.

Just curious.

Thanks Bill
Hi Bill, I would guess this is because the entire csv file is being input as one huge mysql transaction, rather than each record which is how it really should be done. To test this you would need to move the DB_Txn_Begin() and the DB_Txn_Commit() calls inside the while loop then try and import the 12000 record file.

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