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Full Version: How many levels can be defined in the chart of accounts?
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I installed webERP with demo database and I see that chart of accounts only have sections, groups and accounts. I tried to change the chart of accounts like this:
1 ACTIVO (Section)
111 CAJAS (Group)
111001 Caja Moneda Nacional (account)
111002 Caja Moneda Extranjera (account)

But when I tried define the group CAJAS with parent group ACTIVO the code of account, change to 11. Then webERP only accept 3 levels in Chart of Accounts?
I think that you are mixing up the "Sequence in TB" with a code for the group. Unfortunately account groups don't have a code which makes implementing some nations charts of accounts a little difficult as groups are just indexed by their name. You can do it as you describe, just that ACTIVO CORRIENTE is a group with no code, CAJAS is a sub group of ACTIVO CORRIENTE again with no code and 111001 Caja Moneda Nacional is an account inside the group CAJAS which does have the final code 111001.

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