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Full Version: Remittance advices update
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Wondering if there has been an update on using remittance advice.
The manual currently says this feature has not been implemented.

Looking to print AP Checks.
The remittance advices are working (you should see the option under receivables->Reports) though the pdf could do with a little TLC. There is a script for printing a cheque (PrintCheque.php). I think ass more of the world moved from cheques to bank transfer this functionality got left, but I do remember using it a few years ago so it could be made to work again.

My Payments screen prints remittance advice when using "Check" as payment type. I have modified it to fit our pre-printed check forms. There are 3 section. 1 for the check, 1 for remittance advice that goes with check (includes Reference (invoice) and account number, and final section is a repeat, to be torn off and filed with original invoice.
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