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Full Version: how to use multiple decimal places
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We are finding clients that sell small item (O-rings, screws, nuts bolts, hardware, etc) use 4 decimal places in purchase and selling areas.

I see you can set the STD Cost to be 4 places. And the Purch Data for a Supplier allows for 4 places. However, the SupplierDiscounts allows entry of 4 but displays 2 (and when the update button is pressed will save as 2). Pricing seems to allow 4 but stores 2 on edit. And the Price Matrix only allow 3 and stores 2 on edit.

I saw the earlier posts on setting the Currencies decimal places. Being in the US the formats tend to be 2 places on extensions and 4 places on prices and costs. What is the best way to approach this?

Our guess is we should be changing the various areas that need it (Purchase Order Lines, Sales Order Lines, Maintain Pricing, etc). and leave the currencny at 2 places.

Any advise is very welcome.

Hi Bill, I think this is mostly a problem of the point the data is being used, rather than where it is entered. For instance prices and discounts entered via PurchData.php are stored in the database in the same number of decimal places as they are entered in, but displayed in the number of places for that currency. However when they are used in PO_Items.php then they are not used correctly. However shouldn't be that hard to adapt, as the figures in the db are correct. Would be good to have a separate decimal places field for prices and costs I think.

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