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Full Version: import items with special characters in part number
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We are trying to determine if certain characters can be imported.
The template has given us an error on ' & + " . (space) that these characters cannot be in the Part Number.

Is this an issue with the version PHP or MySQL.
The PHP doc says MyqSql 5.1.6 (and later) supports all characters for identifiers (indexes?) except ASCII null.

Is this a webERP restriction?

Thanks Bill
Hi Bill, it is a webERP restriction, Tim
(03-11-2015 03:09 AM)falkoner Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Bill, it is a webERP restriction, Tim

Thanks Tim that will save mea lot of digging. Bill
You can see the full range of disallowed characters in this function from includes/MiscFunctions.php:

function ContainsIllegalCharacters ($CheckVariable) {
if (mb_strstr($CheckVariable,"'")
OR mb_strstr($CheckVariable,'+')
OR mb_strstr($CheckVariable,'?')
OR mb_strstr($CheckVariable,'.')
OR mb_strstr($CheckVariable,"\"")
OR mb_strstr($CheckVariable,'&')
OR mb_strstr($CheckVariable,"\\")
OR mb_strstr($CheckVariable,'"')
OR mb_strstr($CheckVariable,'>')
OR mb_strstr($CheckVariable,'<')){
return true;
} else {
return false;

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