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Full Version: New Module and related Files
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I am trying to add a new module and related files to the webERP environment but I keep running into Security issues. I have gone through the 3 tables and add the first file I have created to the scripts table but I still have no access to it. What am I doing wrong?

As a side note I have made some fairly extensive changes to order entry/customer/branch entry and viewing. I have changed the table structures as well as the table data in many tables. The reason for all these changes is to be able to integrate my EDI system into webERP. I need to be able to convert customer Purchase Orders into Sales Orders, create advanced ship notices, purchase order acknowledgments, send inventory, send purchase orders, send sales orders (as warehouse documents) and invoices.

These are goals I defined out quite a while ago but life and work held me from moving forward. I am progressing quite nicely now though.
Have you logged out and back in? Security (scripts you are allowed to access) are stored in the SESSION variable. So if you make changes then try to run the script you added to the database you will get unauthorized until you clear your session up
Well slap my a$$ and call me sally. That did it. Sometimes its the simple things. lol Thank you.
Glad I could be of assistance.
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