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Full Version: Transactions that don't balance
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I have a number of transactions that have posted from weberp EPOS system to only one GL so they are now showing on the 'Show General Transactions that do not balance' report in Utilities. How do I create a entry in just one GL so that we can rectify these problems and balance out the transaction.

Many Thanks - Peter

What weberp EPOS system did you use? Can you show me?
Hi Phil,

It was yours - counterlogic, I believe an upgrade to the EPOS will rectify future problems of the posting as it only happens on one payment typr from counterlogic which is not used a great deal. What I need to work out is how t correct the GL entries that have occured to date.


Well if I could get in to take a look - I will fix.
I have not heard of this issue previously and curious to see how it happened.
Please if you could send me details to get into phpMyAdmin on your server and the URL of your webERP installation.
Best to use my email address please to avoid compromising your system security.
AR GL on the Transaction that don't balance utility report. We entered a negative amount entering a credit note and Credit_Invoice.php threw an error. It created on GL entry. What is best practice to balance out this issue?
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