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Full Version: Balance brought forward issue
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Went to reconcile the bank accounts and all bank balances as of today in the start of the reconciliation showed $0. Looked at code and determined that it was selecting the max period and getting the bfwd field from chartdetails to start with. The max period in my system is period 11 (LastdateinPeriod=2/28/2015). Today is period 10 (1/31/2015). All of my period 11 chartdetails are created with bfwd=0. Some where then updated bfwd=bfwd+some amount when January gltrans were posted. So when BankReconciliation.php grabs the max chartdetail based on period it starts with 0. the bfwd field is NOT correct. I can run the z_ utility to rebalance from 1/2015 forward but my question is why do the chartdetails get created with bfwd=0.
When I move into February would they get updated to have the correct bfwd? Any reason why I haven't seen this before?
I have reviewed the code in and I see where they are created (with no amounts) and I see where future periods are updated with bfwd=gltrans.amount but not where they bring forward previous month bfwd as well.

Any feedback on this? What might be causing it? After posting this a new set of chartdetail records were created for period 12 (period ending 3/31/2015) with $0 bfwd.
Is it an incorrect use of, an incorrectly scoped DB transaction using that include? (Example, records created but update is rolled back)
From memory - the glpostings function updates the bfwd chartdetails with the previous period bfwd+actual every time it is run - every time a trial balance, account inquiry, profit and loss or balance sheet is run.
There is some long time stubborn sod of a bug which leaves it not updated but I have never been able to bottom it.
Thanks Phil. I know twice now I have been left with new periods and chart details created but no bfwd. Both times I hunted for what might cause it and both time I came up empty and just ran the utility
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