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Full Version: Quax The Crash Pilot has landed
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Hello to all,

I'm Quax, also known as a Crash Pilot (in German: Quax der Bruchpilot). My name tells a lot about my person and I'm also Mr. Imperfect in person.

So, please take everything easy from me.

In my Home Country, Germany, I live more than 30 years in Thailand by the way, they tell: There're not stupid questions but a lot stupid answers! True or not, I'll even maybe ask stupid question so I ask now now and here for forgiveness if I do!

I'm new in this system regardless my age (64) so please be patient with me. Anyway, I'm not new in computers so it wouldn't be to hard for you to communicate with me, regardless my bad English!!

After I'll have installed and setup WebERP, I surly believe the first questions will come. Till then:

Have a nice day and best regards from Thailand

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