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Full Version: Spelling mistake on CodingConventions
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Not sure if intentional, if it was its amusing Angel

'Whenever a statement block is used code within the block should be one tab indented. Indenting code correctly is critical to avoid logic errors and to imrpove readability.'
Oh also line after;
Function defintions should follow the same conventions.

Again if on purpose Angel Angel
"The standard message function prnMsg should always be used for all messages to be echo'ed to the screen"

Should be echoed, but is easier to read as it is.

"(currently only includes/ exists - 2007 - was depreciated but could easily be revived if we stick with this convention)"

Deprecated. (Guess it was depreciated to get deprecated Wink )

" If the data is not common accross all rows then it probably belongs in a separate table."


"SQL kywords should be capitalised as above "

Thanks for the proof reading ... yep some good fun cock-ups in there!
I'm integrating your system into the company I work for so if you’d like I can regularly post typos (Going to be reading alot)? Only reason I signed up to your forums, system is easy to implement/customize/well documented,

Good Job, throw me an email on the email I signed up with, so I don't have to keep resetting password on emails Smile!
Just fixed and uploaded ... thanks :-)
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