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Full Version: Update from 4.11.3 to 4.11.5: 1 warning, 1 error
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I just upgraded from 4.11.3 to 4.11.5. I really like the dashboard - thank you for your great work!!

All went well with the update, except for the following two messages:

1 Warning (yellow)
ALTER TABLE salescatprod DROP KEY manufacturers_id_2

Note - Index already dropped previously

1 Error (red)
ALTER TABLE `mrpparameters` ADD `userldemands` VARCHAR( 5 ) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci NULL DEFAULT NULL COMMENT 'use RL requirements or not' AFTER `usemrpdemands`

Failure - Error number - 1146 Table 'justcore_jcb.mrpparameters' doesn't exist

Is there something I could do to "fix" that?

Thanks a lot!

Well this table is actually only used and created when you run MRP - if you don't run MRP then it will never exist - so no problem.
Hi Phil,

thanks a lot for clarifying. Indeed, I'm not using MRP, so all is good.

Thanks again for your great work!
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