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Full Version: Multi Companies
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Our company has multiple divisions. And there are operating independently. They have their own inventory, invoicing, purchasing etc & management accounts.

So how can we support this in Web ERP?

Very much appreciated if you can explain this to me.

Thanks & Best Regards,

Hello Nirosh,

The good news is, you can create more than one company with weberp, while logging on users can select the right company name to work with.

Every company has its own database and is independent of the other.

Thank you
Or ... you could equally set up different inventory locations, different sale GL posting and COGS GL posting for sales for each branch and report all inside a single database too. Tag GL reports could be run for each division.
Hi Phil & jo lwebuga,

Thank you so much for your replies. Our main company is KTH International. And it has 4 divisions operating as sub companies.
So each of these sub companies should maintain their own (1) Invoicing & Sales (2) Purchasing & Inventory (3) separate bank accounts , Trial balance, balance sheet, profit & lost etc...

Therefore I'm very much grateful if you can suggest me your best solution for creating weberp for above flatform. (a) Create separate databases (b) Single database for all companies © And what is the method to do it?

Thanks & Best Regards,

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