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Full Version: Invoicing services
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We are in Vehicle service business and want to use weberp. I know that
We can change a key in item property and make it a service in order to invoice a service. But
(1) How can we deduct the inventory parts related to that service in WebErp under that particular service?

(2) How to get the cost of sales of that service?

I'm so grateful if you can explain this to me.

Thanking you,

1. You would have to invoice the components of the service e.g. labour time, oil, hydraluic fluid, brake disc pads etc.
2. The costs of each of these need to be set up - then the GL posting for COGS defined see COGS GL Posting and Sales GL Postings under setup
Dear Phill,

Sorry for my late reply. Thank you so much for your instructions.

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