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Full Version: How to view & process supplier tenders
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I am using using weberp version 4.11.3; I can create new tenders by selecting suppliers and items; then save it. I wonder how to get saved tender processed to PO. Any advise, will be greatly appreciated.

When the company has received offers from suppliers, either as a result of a tender, or directly from the supplier, these can be actioned by selecting the "Process Tenders and Offers" option from the purchases module menu screen. This supplies a drop down list of all suppliers who have made an offer, and the offer is still outstanding. You can view a particular suppliers offer by selecting that supplier.

Each line of an offer will have three possible actions against it

If the accept option is chosen, then it gets converted into a purchase order (providing the user has the authority to create orders in that currency).
Choosing the reject option will remove this offer from the system, and notify the supplier cthat the offer has been rejected.

Choosing the defer option will leave that offer on the system and it will appear again the next time this option is chosen
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