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Full Version: Missing customers list
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Hi guys,
Just started using webERP and so far I can say I really like it's simplicity and web features. The only problem I have is the customers list. I've added 2 customers for test purposes and they are nowhere to be found. The system doesn't find them when I enter search parameters nor are they in customer menu but when I've tried to add them again I get a message that the customer with this id is already in database. Any ideas how to solve this ?

webERP is running on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and Apache2 server 2.4.7 /MySQL 14.14 Distrib 5.5.38 / PHP 5.5.9-1ubuntu4.3

Can you see the customer in the debtorsmaster table in the database?
Do you have Customer Types defined? (debtortype table)
Did you setup at least 1 branch for each customer? If not then the search doesn't work.
You can however update the customer and add a branch if you click "Search Now" when you are in the customer selection screen (Just don't enter anything in any of the search criteria). Your Customer should appear in the list. Click the code. Then use "Add/Modify/Delete Customer Branches" to add a branch
Thx agaluski for your answer. I've checked the database and found both customers in debtorsmaster and I had customer types set in debtortype. You suggested that I should add branches but I could not edit either through search nor through picking one from the list as it was empty (no entries shown) so I have installed everything again and this time it seems to work.

Thx for you help agaluski

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