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Full Version: Audit Trail
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What are most people setting the months to keep audit trail parameter to? When does the size/performance start to be a drag on the system?
And when is this cleaned up? At login time? Does the "Perform DB Maintenance" have to be on for the trail to be cleaned out?
Minimal drain on performance there is an insert into a separate table - on each DB_query() call
It is cleared based on the parameter at login


Hi Andrew,

The audit trail is checked for deletions at every call to which basically is called every page refresh.

There is no real performance hit with inserting new records, and storage these days is very cheap. Searching would see a hit.

It really depends on the individual organisation, as to how much to keep. It has been very useful to me on a number of occasions when users have claimed that they didn't do something and quickly bringing up the audit trail shows they have. On this basis I generally use 12 months for clients systems, though for my own company I just keep one month. I would recommend keeping more initially and seeing how often you need it.

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