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Full Version: How to match a supplier invoice to a sales order or invoice
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in the future I will have a business need to match a supplier invoice (Typically with no P/O associated) back to an outgoing sales order for cost/profit analysis. Business situation is as follows. We are shipping out Less than Truckload Quantities of material and contracting Freight companies to deliver our product. We will have an estimate of the freight on the sales order. The freight company will invoice us and we need 1) a way to match the invoice to the shipment for true profitability of the sale and 2) Ensure the invoice is valid to be paid (Like we give them our order# and require it on each invoice then match against our order and estimate).
Has anybody else done something like this or have a similar need?

Thanks in advance,

I am also open to using a P/O if it makes it easier. Example. Make a modification that when setting up the sales order (or shipping) that you can add freight $ and supplier and a P/O gets created in the background linked to the sales order.
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