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Full Version: How to Utilize Phantom in BOM in WebERP
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Here is my scenario.
We sell plastic by the pound in boxes. We want to capture the packaging costs (materials and labor).
So I have setup the following in WebERP.
A finished good made up of a Box (QtyPer .001 in BOM, 1 box holds 1000 LB) and the Plastic (QtyPer 1 in BOM) that goes in it
The box is setup as a phantom Item and has a BOM consisting of 4 pieces. Box Bottom, Bottom Pad, Liner and Cap. All are QtyPer = 1.
The Costed BOM looks good.

I expect when I create a W/O for the finished Good for Qty 10,000 that it will tell me I need 10,000 Qty of plastic and 10 each of all the parts of the Boxes (Because the box is a phantom it will explode the BOM of the phantom into the requirements of the W/O).
I am not getting and of the phantom or the phantom components on my work order.
Please help me understand if I did something wrong in this setup.

This sounds like a bug ... yes the phantom should explode into the requirements of the WO?
I found what my issue was. When I added the Phantom to the BOM I didn't change the default "Factory location" so the recursive call to the function WoRealRequirements never happened for the phantom because part of the select includes location the W/O is set for. No Bug but I will post another feature request for some changes to this setup.
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