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Full Version: Implementation - Customer Balances and Open Items
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I am preparing the step necessary to transfer us from our current system to WebERP. I have read the Manual and I am pretty sure I can get opening balances, stock, stock values etc into the system using the G/L Integration flags, journal entries, stock adjustments or counts. My confusion is around Customer Balances. To balance the journal entry and allow open items to be queried later Invoices and credit notes need to be entered.
From Manual "All invoices (and credit notes) outstanding need to be entered to reconcile the balance on the customer's account, using the same exchange rate as was used when the invoice was originally created. It is recommended that the actual date of the invoice is used as per the original invoice and a reference of the old invoice number is used so that it is easy to cross reference the new invoice number to the old one."
Does this mean enter an order, ship it and invoice it? Or is there is simpler faster way to enter an Invoice (Like a Credit Note) without an order behind it. If using an order to you need to Quantity on hand to ship against?
This is the main part I am confused by - the entering of invoice. Is the same required on the payables side? Must enter a P/O, receive etc so that future payments can be applied to the Supplier Invoice?
You can just import records into debtortrans for the open debtor transactions. Of course this does not affect sales analysis sales orders or anything - but the debtors ledger will have balances and these should agree to the gl debtors control account
It's a bit more complex than jst importing into debtortrans Phil. There are other tables involved, which is why we never wrote an import script for them.

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