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Full Version: Posting of G/L Timing
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I created a credit note and viewed it in CustomerInquiry.php From there I drilled into G/L Entries. The details showed "Posted=No". Then I went to the G/L menu and did an account inquiry, selected my Receivables Account and viewed the transaction there. When I drilled in the Posted became Yes.
So when do G/L entries become "Posted"?

You have found the answer Smile

It is when you inquire on it, through account inquiry TB, BS, or P&L and possibly elsewhere.

I sort of figured that..Just really not sure if there is really a need for posted vs unposted if there isn't a specific Posting process. Not an issue - just a need for understanding before i turn this up in Production mode.
Well there is a specific process - see include/

Perhaps this should really happen at the time the transaction is created... but it doesn't. This process is only run when the GL is inquired upon.
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