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Full Version: Fatal error: Call to a member function kindOf() APIP Functions in
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When trying to research API Function Reference (From the manual) I get the following error

Fatal error: Call to a member function kindOf() on a non-object in /home/content/78/11672978/html/weberpdev/xmlrpc/lib/ on line 3310

I know it might be shocking that I am trying to read the manual Smile
If this is the latest code then you will have. As I have pointed out before on these forums there has been a trend recently of adding blank lines after the ?>

I think there is one at the end of api/api_php.php, try removing that blank line and it should then work.

Putting empty lines at the end of files can cause problems when no characters can be sent before the headers are sent, though it got ignored last time I mentioned it. PHP can be setup to ignore when it is just one character return, however that is just covering up sloppy coding.
No Blank Line. Could be another hidden character elsewhere.
Ok, what version of the code are you using?

Can you set DebugLevel to 2 at line 26 of doc/Manual/ManualAPIFunctions.php

Then you will get a lot of debug info out. Rather than clutter up the forums can you copy and paste the entire debug output to me on

Thanks Tim!
Turning the Debug level up solved my problem by pointing out the real error. In the future I will use that feature I was previously unaware of to do some heavier lifting on my side.
The real issue is:
My instance is running in a secure area. So whatever is going on in the background (possibly with http communication outside of my browser) can't supplier the browser credentials. If I turn off the server authentication the script works. OK - good to know.
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