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Full Version: Sales Order Processing
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I want my order process to be as follows
1) Customer Service Enters an Order
2) Warehouse Pick open orders and specify which batches were picked for which orders
3) Warehouse Print Packing List and Dispatch the Actual Qty (and batches)
4) Finance Generate Invoices for the day

It doesn't seem like the system is quite setup this way so I will need a few modifications.
I can enter an order and print a pick list (by date). Safe to say I will need to develop a way to print an individual Pick Print function by order selected.
Am I correct to say there is no way to put into the system what lots were "picked" so the person doing the shipment doesn't have to work off of paper?
For Confirming the dispatch I will need to make a copy of the open order screen (SelectSalesOrder.php) without a link for Modify order (because I don't want warehouse people modifying the order). I assume I can also set security separately on the order modify and order dispatch/Invoice print for separate roles. If this isn't the case please advise.
Last I guess I need a new interface to the Invoice print (Probably by date) so that Finance can print the days invoices and stuff in envelopes.

Ideally I would like a way for Customer Service to 'allocate' batches ot an order, have this print on pick list for warehouse so they know which lots to send and then have the dispatch screen use those batches (with override allowed of course)

Open to ideas, suggestions, criticisms etc on my process and suggested modifications
Hi, Andrew,

Thank you for your contribution to webERP. Your GRN's modification with serial no has set a good example for people hope to add Serial No/Control No to other documents. And the bug fixed for modified orders has saved me at least hours of time.

I've create a thread for the same topic recently at mail lists. You can find it here:
Do you have any progress about this? I think we still need further ideas to make a final development specification.

Thanks and best regards!

The paper trail should go:

[Sales Order] -> [Picking Note] -> [Delivery note
(AKA Dispatch Note)] -> [Invoice]

we have all this at the moment, but they are loosely connected. The
process should be more rigorous. For example the organisation should
choose what elements of the above trail they want, and then it should
be impossible to do the next stage, until the previous one is done.

I agree with the flow. Per my needs and to comment on the thread Exson shared.
1) Pick List should show what needs to be picked AND what is available to be picked (Current inventory and Lot/Serials if Item is controlled) with lines for actual Qty Picked. Warehouse worker will write in the Qty picked of each controlled item.
2) Shipping person will update in the system based on the picklist as icedlava mentions in the thread (Update the table for the picking list) if Picklist is reprinted shows this as "Already Picked Qty" and only show open qty to pick if any
3) Packing slip is prepared based on the Pick Ticket and Qty/Batches in the system. Other shipping paperwork (Shipping Labels for example which I am developing). No inventory removed from system, no financial transactoin yet but Packing Slip shows Real Qty going out door
4) Confirm Shipment (Based on Picked Quantities). Mark Pick List as closed. Inventory reduced and Invoice ready to prepare. This is same as "Confirm Shipment and Invoice" script now but I think we need an option from the inventory menu because it might be a inventory/warehouse person that performs the Shipment (Like "Receive Purchase Order" except "Ship Sales Order")

Hope this helps. I am VERY interested in this functionality so I would be willing to help code or especially test and provide feedback if needed.

Hi Andrew, am at a conference, and traveling right now but am happy to look at doing this next week when I am back home.

Hi, Andrew and Tim,

Thank you for your great idea.

What we need more is how to make it cooperate with current system.

Best regards!

Looking for some feedback and potential testers. Not sure if this will be accepted into the main trunk but it is something I developed for an internal requirement. There have been a few threads on the site but I don’t believe it has been finished.

I needed to be able to do partial shipments, generate a better packing slip for customers and send pick lists to the warehouse. Also wanted to have the warehouse perform the actual Pick, record it in the system, ship in the system and then let invoicing be done back in the office (but using the “shipped” lots and quantities the warehouse entered).

What we now have is:
Ability to Generate Pick Lists by Order# (From Select Outstanding Sales Orders and Quotations) or Delivery Date (Generate/Print Picking Lists– called from Sales Menu) – Requires the Pick List config flag to be set
Ability to Maintain Pick Lists from new Maintain Pick Lists (On Sales Menu)
Pick List Life Cycle: New Picked Shipped Invoiced or (Cancelled)

Pick List print will include already picked lots and recommend lots to use based on FIFO.
Pick List print uses an ‘avail qty’ concept. If same lot picked on another order doesn’t include that qty as available for pick on this order.
Pick List Maintenance uses same avail qty concept in the Lot/Serial selection screen
Packing slip now includes the lots shipped and quantities
Once an order is shipped the pick list can’t be changed except by A/R (Don’t want to ship product then cancel Pick list and not know to invoice it)
Confirm Shipment and Invoice now pulls in the shipped Lots, # of packages and Shipment Tracking Number from Shipment time.

I tried to be flexible and not have the new functions stop the simple flow of WebERP. For example, if you generate a pick list but never pick it and ship it using the new functionality you can still Confirm Shipment and Invoice the order using the existing WebERP functions. The existing pack slip will work as it did before. You Ship/invoice the same way and the open pick list gets closed. You do not get the option to print pick lists unless the existing config parameter to do so is turned on.

Future enhancement will include a batch function to go through all Shipped pick lists and automatically invoice them.

If you are interested in this functionality or helping test please let me know.

Best Regards,
Andrew Galuski
Hi Andrew,

This sounds a neat idea, albeit an idea that may suit larger businesses better than smaller ones. The fact that you developed this flexibly so there is an option to ignore this functionality completely and go the traditional route with ConfirmDispatchInvoice.php then it is another option that will no doubt suit more structured businesses with a larger team.

This is really nice functionality and should be in the main trunk I think. I'd be keen to review/test and bring it in.
Will send a zip file your way. There are some files that I may have added new logic too before pulling the latest and greatest from the repository
I will have to produce diffs of existing scripts to figure out ... thanks for donating your work :-)
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