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Full Version: minimum order quantity ignored in PO
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If I issue a PO for an item, I would expect the system to at least give a warning if I order less than the minimum order quantity set in purchdata. But with minordqty set to 10, I can order 3 without any problem. So it seems, at the moment this is neither used in MRP (see separate thread) nur in purchasing/PO.

I would probably give a warning but also would allow to override this manually. Our experience is that suppliers do override their minimum order quantities on occasion (maybe at a higher price, but maybe I don't need the excess items so I am willing to pay the higher price).
As a first hack, is it possible to add these EOQ and min order qty colums to the list where I enter the quantity I want to order? So I can see whether my purchase complies with EOQ and Min order qty.


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