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Full Version: Currencies.php still going to internet for rates even when set to manual
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I have sent this one a couple of times before, but maybe sending it publicly will help as we appear to be on something of a role.

Currencies.php will go to the internet for the exchange rates even when the configuration is set to only manually update. This is caused by line 195 of includes/MiscFunctions.php

if ((!isset($CurrenciesArray[$CurrCode]) or !isset($CurrenciesArray[$_SESSION['CompanyRecord']['currencydefault']]))){

which should read

if ((!isset($CurrenciesArray[$CurrCode]) or !isset($CurrenciesArray[$_SESSION['CompanyRecord']['currencydefault']])) and $_SESSION['UpdateCurrencyRatesDaily'] != '0') {

role on Tim :-)
Thanks Phil, lucky that after you rather childishly banned me from reading the web-erp-svn mailing list someone had the common sense to put an automatic forward to me on their mails from that list, otherwise I probably wouldn't have bothered keeping on top of all your bugs Smile
I guess your sourceforge login must be cancelled too - not my doing though of course I could understand why
Not sure I understand what you are saying Phil.

Are you saying you have re-instated my access to the web-erp-svn mailing list?

I am still just getting the automated copies through? I think the picture you published above is from the users or the developers mailing lists. Perhaps you would like to check again?

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