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Full Version: Multi-valued parts?
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Just started evaluating WebErp, and wondered whether it could be persuaded to support parts which can have multiple values? To explain further, we make electronic equipment, and a component such as a basic resistor is available with tens or hundreds of values; everything else being the same. On our current system (which I wrote many years ago) there's a check box 'has value' which enables this functionality for a particular part code, and you can then list all the allowable values in a separate area without having to define a separate part record for each. For part number printouts I append a slash and the value (e.g. RMMRS25/4K7), and I used a templating code (~V in my case) in the description which is substituted with the value in printouts.

Quite apart from simplifying initial data entry, this approach can greatly shorten lists where only the main part number needs to be shown.

I couldn't see that this is currently possible - have I missed something, or would some custom coding be needed? If so, any pointers? (I'm reasonably comfortable with PHP and MySQL)
Well the issue is that if we want to know the stock of the item - we need to ask - which one - if the item is not unique then stock movements, stock status, purchasing etc etc make no sense.
Hi Steve,

I think what you are talking about is item substitution in the BOM. A description of this can be found here:

Basically we have a "template" part in the BOM, and then at the issuing stage the user is presented with a list of parts (with values) that can "fill" this template. We can achieve the setting up of this with one table, but the issuing and reporting is a bit more complex.

This is something that would be of great value to webERP, but is not currently available. This posting will get deleted as mine always do so I will try to find time to write on my blog a "howto" on this subject.

I am interested in substitute item functionality as well on W/O's.
One possible code-less work around is to add the substitute item to the BOM at a VERY tiny Qty Required. That way it gets added to the requirements (usually at Qty 0.00000xx). It can then be issued instead of the main part. If both are true substitutes then the variance from using 1 or the other should net to a small amount. And any variances from not issuing a Required Item that is required at less than 0 is probably small enough to ignore. Haven't tested fully - but might work for some companies.

Example (BOM):
- RM1 Qty Per 1
- RM2 Qty Per 2
- RM3 Qty Per 1
- SUBRM3 Qty Per .000001 (Setup this item master with 0 Decimals)

If you build 10,000 units of FG you will show a requirement for .01 of the substitute. If Item is setup with 0 decimals then Qty Required shows as 0 on most screens. Now you can issue this one to the order and not the one you are out of.
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