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Full Version: Few issues with purchase orders
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I just recently upgraded to version 4.11.0. When processing purchase orders, I'm finding the following issues:

1) When creating a purchase order based on a sales order, I get a confirmation that the PO was created. However, when I try to print it, I get "PO can not be located" (we had this issue also in 4.10)

2) When creating a PO from scratch, it's now more restrictive than before on the phone number. I usually put the area code in brackets for better readability, but I now get "please match the format requested". I understand that usually input patterns should be rather restrictive, but disallowing brackets in phone numbers is maybe a bit too resctrictive Wink
Thanks MacPhotoBiker for the report - if you open up the script PO_Header.php and go to line 1018 - and change to:

<td><input type="tel" name="Tel" pattern="[0-9+()\-\s]*" size="31" maxlength="30" value="' . $_SESSION['PO' . $identifier]->Tel . '" /></td>

the key bit is:

I will need to look in more detail at the first issue.
Thanks a lot Phil.

Btw., I (finally) decided to dive into PHP, so I hope that one day I might improve my comments from "constructive criticisim" to "constructive contributions" Smile
Hopefully you will enjoy playing with the code as much as I have :-)
Hi Phil,

sorry, I had a look at an older thread, and I thought maybe it relates to the same issue?

Thank you!

It does too .... bum I didn't update the code with that fix. I see Exson has though now :-)
Great Phil, thanks a lot. I will then update via SVN, that should do the job.

Thanks again!
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