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Full Version: no cancel for create WO (always created on script entry)
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I just came about the fact that opening the add WO page always add a (maybe empty) new WO. The WO id is reserved, even if I do not update or include items.
There should be a cancel button which resets the internal WO id counter and deletes the WO from the db.

I can delete a WO from the WO detail screen, so it might be possible to just call that script and then to reset the WO id counter
Hi, Klaus:

It's discussed before and although it seems a simple request but the work is not that simple.

I think a simple solution for this we add another page which allow user to enter stockitem, request date, start date and warehouse location, then use guide the users to the WorkOrderEntry.php. If users change their mind, they can stop during this phase.

Best regards!

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