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In AccountGroups.php it's not possible to edit the name of the account group. That's a problem to foreing speakers because to edit the account groups you need to delete the accounts that belongs to the group and then delete the account group and add the new account group and then add the accounts that were deleted. The other option is to add the new account group, associate the accounts to the new account group and then delete the old account group. Both solutions are slow so i propouse the following solution

1) add the ability to edit de account group name
2) add the ability to transfer the child accounts to other account group when an account group is deleted
Sounds good.
I send a patch code that enable the second feature to Please review
I've applied you changes - although the move form appears below the footer for some reason!! This could be to do with the new css style sheet
Ups, missing </table> at line 215, it must be </tr></table>';
Thankyou applied your fix.
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